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President Santa or a different economic philosophy

Written By Kenneth Brooks on 08-23-2012 | in Political, Government, Democracy, Critical Thinking, Economics,

Most Americans believe their society and economic system are the best in the world. Perhaps this is true depending on the standards of judgment. United States of America is my home. I cannot image living permanently anywhere else. Nevertheless, the human race shows little progress if American society is the best example of its nature.

Food, water, and shelter are basic for human life. Sufficient quantities of each of them decide life's quality. How much people know about their environment, society and economics affects their potential for a quality life. In other words, survival and prosperity for Americans require much commonsense supported by experience and formal education.

The laws of social-economic interaction for survival are absolute. Demand with the ability to pay, creates the need for product that creates the need for work production. The system works only if workers and shareholders use their wages and profits as ability to pay for product demands that start a new cycle. The return path may be circuitous. Still, it must happen for the economy to work.

American society controls much material wealth. Nevertheless, 32 percent of Americans live below the poverty income level. Others are running hard to escape a tsunami of expense and debt that threaten to drag them into poverty. The school dropout rate is about 28 percent. Even Americans that graduate high school and college often lack the knowledge for quality living no matter their grade point average. This may seem a harsh conclusion, but the decaying economy and absence of social awareness support it.

We are in an election year to decide the next U.S. president. His decisions about national security, international policy, and court appointments will affect our culture and freedoms for decades. Nevertheless, the public mostly obsesses over which candidate qualifies better as President Santa Claus. Americans are voting for Santa Claus if they favor a candidate based on an asserted ability to deliver jobs. Neither candidate has the magic formula for creating jobs. No matter how someone dresses it, the laws of social economics apply.

Even people with minimum education but commonsense should notice that candidate Santa Claus Mitt Romney talks about the jobs he allegedly created twelve years ago. What happened to his magic formula since then? Did he store it in a lock box until he is president? I doubt it. President Obama's record shows he has not strangled the economy or destroyed jobs. On the other hand, his performance confirms that he does not have the magic job creating formula either. Voters' obsession with the fantasy of President Santa Claus prevents them from selecting the better-qualified person for the challenges of the position.

Job losses and high unemployment rates result from business owners replacing paid human workers with unpaid machine work. This substitution deprives those workers of wages and the ability to pay for new products they need. It deprives the economy of energizing return of money into the system for new cycles of spending, production, and jobs.

Business replacing people with machines would not negatively affect the economic cycle if shareholders received the profits and spent the money buying new products. Instead, the superrich receive much of the profits. They hoard the money and do not spend it back into the system. This hoard of money possessed by a few individuals eventually starves the economic system of recycled spending it needs to survive.

The economy will continue cycling through recessions and eventually a system destroying depression unless society adopts different social-economic principles. The changed principles must provide for technology and human work to coexist while permitting workers to earn sufficient income for quality living. It will require a social imperative to educate all society's members to proficiency levels required for survival and quality of life standards.

Americans' economic illiteracy and concentrated wealth make it difficult to shift to a reason-based society and economy with principles supportive of all members. Their fantasy of an economic Santa Claus increases the difficulty. President Obama or candidate Romney would commit political suicide by announcing, "I cannot create jobs as president. However, I have a vision for a socioeconomic system where technological advances do not destroy humans ability to achieve productive work and income for quality living."

Therefore, both of them continue the destructive lie of Santa's arrival in November with jobs for all workers that have been good. However, many unemployed people will learn Santa had too many other commitments as president to work his magic for them.

Mitt Romney’s time as CEO of Bain Capital may be the bane of his goals for president.

Written By Kenneth Brooks on 07-17-2012 | in Political, Government, Ethics, Democracy, Critical Thinking, Economics,

President Barrack Obama is making Mitt Romney's time as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president of Bain Capital, Inc. the bane of his goals to become U.S. president. Romney set the tone of the campaign by persistently criticizing the 8.2 percent unemployment rate under the Obama administration. He touted his success creating jobs at Bane Capital. Obama's team countered with reports that Bain Capital outsourced American jobs to foreign nations. Romney responded he left Bain Capital in 1999 before it started to send jobs out of the United States in 2001 and 2002.

I would expect that someone trying to seize power from any national leader would do so mindful the leader's past victories over opponents. Nevertheless, Romney ignored the need for defense as he moved on offense to paint Obama as a poor leader of the economy. People that concentrate on offense and ignore the need for defense often suffer defeat by knockout in real life conditions.

Obama's team showed 2000 to 2002 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents signed by Romney that he was still CEO and president of Bain Capital. Obama's strategy forced Romney to answer if he was deceitful when he signed the SEC documents or deceitful now telling voters he left the corporation in 1999. Romney tried to avoid answering by making the issue Obama's lack of character for calling attention to Romney's conduct.

Romney appealed to voters' sense of fairness that Obama was not playing by the rules of civility, or playing by Romney rules. Next, he called for an apology for campaign advertisements suggesting that he committed a felony by signing the SEC papers. Recently Romney said in a nationally broadcast interview, "What does it say about a president whose record is so poor that all he can do in this campaign is attack me?'' Those remarks showed Romney's unwillingness to have voters decide accountability based on facts.

Some Republicans and members in the news media tried to explain away this gaffe by showing Romney took no active part running the corporation after 1999. This excuse damaged Romney's image as a responsible leaders more than accepting accountability for Bain Capital outsourcing of jobs would have done. The title CEO and president indicates the person named is responsible for running the corporation. Romney is accountable even if he did not take part in the decisions to outsource jobs. He selected the people that managed the organization in his name.

People with sound leadership ability always accept accountability even if not all their decisions bring ideal results. President Franklin D. Roosevelt displayed leadership traits by his response to the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on the American fleet and naval base at Pearl Harbor. President Harry S. Truman displayed leadership traits when he issued an executive order that ended racial segregation in the U.S. Defense Department and in the Armed Forces. President George W. Bush showed leadership traits by fashioning a response to Al Qaida's 9/11 attacks on the homeland. President Barack H. Obama displayed the traits of leadership May 1, 2011. He successfully ended the hunt for al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden by sending U.S. Special Forces teams to a possible Bin Laden hiding place although the information was inconclusive that he was there.

Each president while handling crisis continued his duties in other areas as head of the Executive Branch of the federal government. In contrast, Romney while still listed as CEO of Bain Capital after 1999 denies accountability for its outsourcing of jobs, because he needed to concentrate all his efforts on saving the near bankrupt 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.


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